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College of Engineering’s Centennial Celebration

28 Mar

This morning I helped some College administrators set up a Facebook page that will list all sorts of information for the upcoming centennial celebrations in the College of Engineering. If you’re on Facebook, go check out the page and ‘like’ it!

Other U of S Facebook pages of interest:


Resources for the week of February 27-March 2

27 Feb

As we start round 3 of speeches, here are some links to consider:

  • 10 Ways to Wow your Audience by Susan Krauss Whitbourne — “Here are the guidelines that great speakers follow that rely on simple application of these principles derived from social, educational, and applied psychology.”

and for those of you who are preparing your PowerPoint presentations for your design project:

Welcome to the class blog

4 Jan

Greetings, rhetoricians of RCM 401! I hope to use this space to link to helpful websites, talks, and other rhetorical artifacts that will supplement whatever we cover in our class discussions and speech sessions.  I promise to update this space at least once a week — or more, depending on how many interesting items I come across!

Feel free to add your thoughts/ideas in the comments, and I’ll consider whatever you contribute to the blog space as class participation.  If you come across a link or video you would like to share, feel free to email me.

You may want to subscribe to email updates for this page, so you can keep on top of whenever something is posted.


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