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Happy Pi Day!

14 Mar

a TED treat

13 Feb

Science writer John Bohannon’s modest proposal is to use “dancers as tools of rhetoric” — instead of the same ol’ PowerPoint technical presentations:

What do you think?

Check out the applicants in last year’s ‘Dance your PhD’ contest here.

TEDx talk on public speaking

31 Jan

What sort of critiques could you offer for this speech on public speaking? What was done well, and what could be improved?

TEDxUofS: March 24, 2012

25 Jan

Go buy¬† your tickets now — only a few are available!

The 10 TED Commandments

9 Jan

Throughout the term I’ll be referring to several TED talks. For one, the topics are not only interesting, but many of them are inspiring (both personally and professionally) — but I also like TED talks because they’re good examples to learn from. TED speakers are typically engaging and passionate, which are two qualities you’ll probably want to possess as a speaker.

Here’s a list that’s known as the TED Commandments (which could also be useful to you as you prepare your 401 speeches):

1. Be personal.

2. Be vulnerable.

3. Make people laugh/cry.

4. Do something the audience will remember forever.

5. Say something you’ve never said before.

6. Share an idea that could change the world.

7. Do not pitch for your company or organization.

8. Do not go over your allotted time.

9. Do not read.

10. Rehearse and be spontaneous.



Which TED talks are your favorite?

“Listening is our access to understanding.” (Julian Treasure)

5 Jan

Take 8 minutes and check out this TED talk by Julian Treasure on the lost art of listening:

Treasure gives us 5 ways to improve our listening skills — I think his final tip on listening better is one that will be especially helpful this term in 401. In his final tip, he gives us the acronym RASA: receive, appreciate, summarize, and ask.

Not bad advice to consider.

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