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Crafting your elevator speech

6 Jan

It’s so important to have a clear purpose and direction to your speech — after all, you only have 5 minutes to persuade your audience to take action! One way to help clarify your purpose is to craft an ‘elevator speech,’  which forces you to concisely state what you want your audience to remember about your speech. What is the main reason(s) why you are giving the speech? What will the audience remember about your speech?

Elevator speeches (or pitches) are used primarily in the business world, but I think the concept could work for us in 401. It’s important that you are clear in the action that you are trying to persuade the audience to do.  As soon as you’ve formulated your elevator speech, then you can use it as a guide to focus on which points and pieces of evidence you should include in your speech.

Here are some links that further explain the concept of elevator speeches:

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