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Resources for week of March 12-16

13 Mar
  • Index of Famous Women Speeches — a long list of speeches given by women which includes “First Ladies, governors, members of Congress, a prime minister, business executives, religious crusaders, cancer and stroke survivors, government agency heads, activists, writers, actresses, singers, royalty, women who are old, young, black, white, Native American, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, liberal,  and conservative” — the site also includes critiques/analysis of these speeches.

Resources for the week of February 27-March 2

27 Feb

As we start round 3 of speeches, here are some links to consider:

  • 10 Ways to Wow your Audience by Susan Krauss Whitbourne — “Here are the guidelines that great speakers follow that rely on simple application of these principles derived from social, educational, and applied psychology.”

and for those of you who are preparing your PowerPoint presentations for your design project:

The anatomy of a good speech

12 Jan

Here’s a link to some ideas from Chris Brogan on how to make better presentations — including emphasis on including WIFM appeals and a good structure. My favorite part of Brogan’s post is the list of links he gives of inspiration for great speeches. Check it out!


“Listening is our access to understanding.” (Julian Treasure)

5 Jan

Take 8 minutes and check out this TED talk by Julian Treasure on the lost art of listening:

Treasure gives us 5 ways to improve our listening skills — I think his final tip on listening better is one that will be especially helpful this term in 401. In his final tip, he gives us the acronym RASA: receive, appreciate, summarize, and ask.

Not bad advice to consider.

Ethos, pathos, logos

5 Jan

Dust off your RCM 300 notes, and remind yourself of these building blocks of communication.  Here are some links to help refresh your memory:

We’ll be revisiting the theory behind the modes of appeal again on Friday. Throughout the term you will use this rhetorical theory as a basis for both preparing/delivering of your speeches and also in the evaluative comments you’ll provide your colleagues.

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