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Speech as Case Study: Martin Luther King, Jr.

16 Jan

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. day in the States, which is a federal holiday commemorating the work of this important civil rights leader.  In honor of today, here’s his most famous speech, “I Have A Dream”:

Why is this speech so memorable? Here are a few links that provide some analysis:

and here is one of my favorite communication gurus, Nancy Duarte, examining why this speech was so rhetorically effective:

Keep in mind that a big part of RCM 401 is being able to provide insightful commentary on your colleagues’ presentations.  Analyses like these may give you some tips in what to look for as you evaluate speeches this term.


“Listening is our access to understanding.” (Julian Treasure)

5 Jan

Take 8 minutes and check out this TED talk by Julian Treasure on the lost art of listening:

Treasure gives us 5 ways to improve our listening skills — I think his final tip on listening better is one that will be especially helpful this term in 401. In his final tip, he gives us the acronym RASA: receive, appreciate, summarize, and ask.

Not bad advice to consider.

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