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Resources for week of March 12-16

13 Mar
  • Index of Famous Women Speeches — a long list of speeches given by women which includes “First Ladies, governors, members of Congress, a prime minister, business executives, religious crusaders, cancer and stroke survivors, government agency heads, activists, writers, actresses, singers, royalty, women who are old, young, black, white, Native American, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, liberal,  and conservative” — the site also includes critiques/analysis of these speeches.

The power of nonverbal communication

20 Jan

One of the first ways to connect to your audience is to give them eye contact.  Looking at who you’re speaking to is a great way to make a pathos connection — but just glancing their way isn’t enough.  The way you look at your audience can also send them messages to interpret.

Here’s one of my favorite film clips that illustrates this point:

For more insight on the role of nonverbal communication, check out this post by Nick Morgan on What happens when your words and body language don’t match?

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